SUNKIS remind you that winter maintenance doors

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Relatively dry winter room, and doors in the summer after being subjected to a "roast" experience into the winter are also prone to a variety of acclimatized. Moisturizing homework to do, so that the doors can have optimum humidity and temperature, but also to prolong the life of wooden doors. In fact, everyone at home, you can take advantage of daily cleaning and ready-made hand tools, can do to the doors of moisture. St. Kitts list them for you:

1.Using a humidifier
Humidifier is to improve the indoor humidity is the most direct and convenient tool. However, the humidifier is best not to leave the body too, kept at a distance of more than 2 meters more appropriate. Humidifier is not suitable for other appliances from too close, or likely to cause other appliances to malfunction. Safe distance humidifiers and other household appliances, furniture, at least 1 meter.

2, pay attention
Winter can be dragged to the ground, wipe the ground, to doors skin moisturizing, waxing or other processing, so that the doors lock in moisture. Carrying water, consumers can buy some with natural resins, natural plant extracts professional doors maintenance of essential oils. Such oils can lose moisture in wood fiber supplement and wood surfaces to form a protective film to prevent water evaporation.

3, pay attention to ventilation
Winter, pay attention to indoor ventilation, keep indoor humidity, making doors in a normal room temperature.

4, kept at room temperature
Winter indoor temperature is not too high (maintained at about 20 degrees is appropriate), when using electrical heating or heating equipment, away from doors, so as not to make it heat deformation.

5, clever decontamination
When you clear the doors surface stains, it can be used after the Kazakh gas wet, wipe with a soft cloth, you can use toothpaste or furniture special cleaning agents when heavy stains, wipe clean immediately after decontamination.

6, with care
When using the doors, do not hang on the door too heavy items or avoid sharp objects bump, scratch, open or close the door, do not use excessive force or open angle is too large, in order to avoid damage to the doors.

Although the doors will be some impact in the winter, so that deformation or paint, but as long as you pay attention to maintenance, and they can use it to smooth, usually are seen on the network various "door" event, in the winter, and he is coming staged a "protective door."