2016 doors trends Predictions

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2015 For many people it is a low ebb doors of the year, while in 2016 heralded a new beginning for the doors of the enterprise only to seize the wind industry, so as to better adapt to the needs, and to seek more and better development then 2016 will be the development trend of doors which performance yet. For 2016 this small series doors bold trends were predicted.

1 Trend: brand into the leading
      At present, enterprises for the selection of the top ten brands doors are very concerned, while also continuing to create the right brand image, is expected in 2016, the strong stronger and the weak eliminated, there will be more and more doors of the brand continues to carry out competition, but for some companies, not the brand, and may be out.

2 Trends: Design of humane
      After 30 years of development, China's doors consumption core user requirements, from the pursuit of "quality" upgraded to meet the "personalized." So in recent years, we can see the effect of design and decorative wooden products has been significantly improved. 2016 forecast, personalized design products will reach new heights, not only color, craft, painting will be richer, more material will attempt to combine performance practices become common enough to meet a variety of individual needs, consumers Select the space increases.

3 three trends: the price of clear
      Due to increased competition, consumer knowledge and consumer attitudes become more rational and other factors, in 2016 imported brands will be slipped aura of mystery, it had inflated prices will therefore gradually transparent, closer to the domestic brands, Chinese doors of the market will really take place. " War of the Worlds. "

4 Trend: environmental health of
      Consumer Health attaches great importance to environmental protection for the doors, which are worried about the problem of excessive formaldehyde can be said is the key. Therefore, the health and comfort of solid wood doors by the most high-end consumers. Affected by this, coupled with the "solid wood door Alliance" pushing, solid wood doors in 2016 will rise against the market trend and return to the mainstream consumer.

Experience the line power electricity supplier: 5 Trend five
      Doors electricity supplier in 2015 and finally back to normal channel identity: neither is considered to be true, is no longer considered to be sales decline last straw. By 2016, the doors of the mainstream brands will put focus again fell on the channel can fully experience the store model, the main electricity supplier will bear the "parity, uncovered areas and complement the drainage line under the" supporting role.

The above information on the doors of businesses 2016 trends forecast for doors enterprises only better conform to the trend, we can not be in such a fierce competition to be eliminated.