Using warm colors to create a home improvement wooden doors logs US House

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Log home taste and less pollution, a little more natural, so we are in the city this immense yearning cozy living environment. Together to create their own wooden life, return to nature, a certain ease to enjoy a comfortable life. Here let Xiaobian lead everyone to feel at home improvement wood doors natural charm, with feelings of calm and warmth of this blend.

Chinese home pay attention to the natural awe, the use of wood materials to decorate the entrance but also to highlight the master of love for nature, both decoration cabinet hall at the door or enjoy the backdrop are highlights natural sense bedroom, warm yellow light given unlimited entrance warmth, the warmth of this space will let you all sorts of nostalgia.

Narrow hall space is small but perfectly formed, brown tone wooden doors and cabinet entrance mutual unity, shine color highlights Chinese-style elegance and noble. Cut curved design arty, the Chinese decoration hall space to create a comfortable and decent. Entrance cabinet design also fully consider the two-bedroom space, will be raised to the highest utilization.

Traditional solid wood door brown retro design, traditional and simple temperament filling in the foyer. The overall space of pure white tone, the simple atmosphere of Scandinavian style characteristic performance to the extreme. A space designed for simple and practical racks and hooks, so that the door can remove the pressure of the whole body, giving a sense of warmth of the people.