New Year's feng shui war eight trick to teach you to improve the feng shui living room

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In terms of home feng shui, living room feng shui harmonious relationship with the family fortune and family relations. To make sure the smooth flow of air in the living room, there will not be accumulated bad smell of the dead, the living room is the main activities of home life and social education cross banquet, so good feng shui living room arrangement on behalf of the whole family can be happy. The living room is the best room to enhance the life of the eight desires, because everyone will use to the living room, living room with good feng shui will make each family member benefit.

The first one orientation
The best first half of the living room located near the main entrance of your home, in order to absorb directly into the air from the door. If you must go through a corridor to reach the living room, then the hallway must be kept clean, and lighting must be adequate, so as not to hinder the gas into the living room. If the house is designed mezzanine, living room should be located in the lower deck.

The second measure pattern
Living room pattern is preferably square or rectangular, seating area can not be ghosts to the corner, sofa incompressible beam. If there are outstanding release stab in the back corner, bonsai furnishings or furniture can be resolved. If the L-shaped living room, the furniture will be available across the square area into two, as two separate rooms. For example, the region as a reception room, the other as a living room area. Or hang a mirror on the wall, symbolic complement missing angle, then, as a complete room to determine the center.

The third measure adjustment Furnishings
Sharp objects, such as swords, firearms, medals, stuffed animals, should not be hung on the wall. Because these items will generate chi, resulting in quarrels or violence. The same should also avoid tomb furnishings have corner lamp or decorations.

The fourth move unobstructed airflow
To make sure the smooth flow of air in the living room, there will not be accumulated bad smell of the dead.

Fifth strokes feng shui ornaments
Living room furnishings mainly to see the occupants lifestyle and aesthetics may be. Any mascot feng shui furnishings should be based on the life of the eight natal hexagram personal desires and orientation, it is best to consult a professional feng shui master.